Tea: A blissful beverage for winters

Right when winters are just around the corner, most of our hearts gets filled with fond memories of super-hot cup of tea. A cold winter morning is always incomplete if not accompanied by freshly brewed hot and delicious tea. Even if you are the kind of person who is mostly fond of coffee or even hot chocolate, tea still rules our hearts and remains at the top of the list of all-time favorite beverages.

The benefits of drinking tea are plenty. Not only are they an excellent and natural burst of flavors, they taste so good that you can simply not get enough of the deliciousness and mesmerizing aroma of it. And especially in winters, the charm and thrill of drinking tea reaches an all-together new level as it plays the perfect role of keeping us warm during the colder months of the year.

The richness and pack full of flavors makes it everyone’s preferred wintertime tea drink. There is no doubt that tea comes with myriad benefits but consuming it during winters brings with it added advantages that one cannot even imagine. Firstly, it protects us from the common flu that goes manifold during winters. Winters are more prone to flu as it is during this time that people step out during festivities and holidays. Due to increased activities, the immune system of our body tends to decrease allowing germs to attack our bodies very easily. Green tea, in particular, is provided with anti-bacterial properties that helps in the prevention of flu and keeps it at bay.

Next, the benefits of tea in weight loss increases as it contains natural oxidants. Regularly consuming tea helps in loss of appetite thereby increasing metabolism and controlling weigh gain. Moreover, since winters are the months that are mostly associated with lethargy, our energy levels tend to drop down quite a lot. And early sun sets and late sun rises aggravates the whole situation. So quite evidently, drinking tea is a great option as it includes the right amounts of caffeine, almost as much as in coffee that gives the required boost instead of being wired all day.

A common practice during winter with most of us is that we tend to miss out on drinking adequate quantities of water at all times, making us fell more hydrated during latter part of the year. So this is where tea comes to the rescue as drinking tea on a regular basis helps you in staying hydrated throughout the winter period, a requisite for human body one cannot deny.

So, like we all know, tea and cold weather goes hand in hand. Nothing can soothe your senses during a cold winter morning or evening that an aromatic cup of relishing tea. Try it and you are sure to be astonished at the myriad benefits and wonders that it does to your mind and body. Here’s to more bright winter mornings with the accompaniment of tea by your side and many more days to come!

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